WordWall, the website of the last-minute activity!

Wordwall is the website that saved me on quite a few occasion when I needed a short exercise and I only had 4 minutes before my lesson…(no kidding)

Wordwall is actually advertised as an easy way to create resources and I have to agree.

I’ll explain why.


Wordwall is a website that offers different templates to create your own templates. Imagine it as like word file with all the correct formatting so that it looks like a resource (e.g matching). They only have to do is to put the words/language you want to use in your exercise. That simple and it really is. It offers 34 four different ‘interactive’ resources. The word ‘interactive’ is often misused or just used to simply explain a two-way electronic communication which is the case here. For me interactive though a bit more sophisticated but anyway. From these 34 about half of them are only available for premium accounts.


First of all, the pricing differs based on where you live. For example, the standard account is 3€ in Italy but 4£ in the UK.

There are three types of accounts. The basic with access to 18 interactive resources and 13 printable. The Standard with 18 and 13 respectively, and the Pro with 34 interactive and 22 printable resources, including 4 interactive games, one of which looks very similar to Kahoot.

Of course, now you would ask, how come the standard and the basic have the same number of available resources. Well, the main difference between the two is that with the basic you can only create a maximum of 5 resources, while the standard hasn’t got a limit.

However, there is a workaround around this restriction which allows you to keep creating as many different resources as you want! Keep reading because I’m going to you to explain to you how to do this in a bit!

The activities

I usually use the:

  • match-up
  • anagrams
  • unjumble
  • open the box

The first three are pretty self-explanatory. For example, for the first, if you are doing match word to definition exercise, you need to put on one side the word and on the other the definition of the word on the left. When you’ve put all the vocabulary items, you just click done and your resource is ready! Then, you can either use the interactive version for your online lesson or if you have an IWB in your class or the printable for your face-2-face classes.

The anagrams and unjumble are the two activities I use mostly at the beginning of my lessons to practise spelling of the previously taught vocabulary.

Finally, the open the box is a resource in which you hide a word or a sentence behind a box. On the outside, each box can have a number or even a sentence. I use this for what’s the question activity. I hide questions inside the boxes and on the outside, I put a correct answer to these questions.

For example:

Outside the box and visible to the students: Yes, I have. I have a dog.

When the students choose this box, they need to think of the correct question to this answer, which is inside the box (Do you have a dog?)

How to get unlimited resources

When you create your 5th activity, Wordwall won’t let you create any other. However, if you create one activity, you will see that when you edit it, you can switch it into another one. This is amazing because if you have a resource which uses the ‘Random Wheel’ then you can switch it into an ‘open the box’. This is because Wordwall actually uses the same template for this resources but a bit modified. So, if you keep editing your resources and downloading them after that, you can keep creating them from the 18 available ones! Pretty cool 🙂

My thoughts

In a nutshell, I like Wordwall. It has made my life easier quite a few times. Having said that, I’m using it for specific resources and probably I’m not taking full advantage of it. So, for me, the website is worth if you are short on time and you want to create some resources on the fly!

That’s all for now! Hope Wordwall can make your busy teaching lives a bit easier!

We keep things free and as you can see the website is free from annoying ads! Unfortunately, there’s a running cost to everything including the website and of course the time needed to create the material.
For this reason, I added a PayPal donation button to let you choose whether you want to support our website. The smallest donation can help me continue doing what I love. Anthony
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