My DELTA M1 journey – week 2

Week 2 was terrible/brilliant

What a way to start off an article, right? Of course, it’s not because of the course, or my classmates, it’s not because of the volume of books I need to read or anything outside my own self. The problem’s been me. I’m trying to do four different jobs at the same time while in lockdown, after relocating to a new place, without friends away from my family etc.

So, what the second week taught me is that I need to revaluate my priorities; guess which came at the top…the DELTA!

Nuff with the complaining though, let me tell you about week 2 with regards to DELTA.

The task

This week we picked up from last week and moved on to task 3 for which you need to identify three language features that the students will need to deal with the provided writing or speaking task. Along with the task, the also provide a few language features which are usually the easiest to identify! What this means, is that, yours need to be different from the given features.

Talking about the literature that helped, ‘Beyond the sentence’ by Scott Thornbury was quite helpful when it came to commenting on cohesion and coherence.  The content page of all mainstream ELT coursebooks is also a treasure! Knowing what grammar is expected to be known at every level is very helpful. Also, pay attention to the task itself because sometimes it will reveal to you the target language. For example ours was a writing task in which they were some questions to help students generate responses. Being about describing a building one of the questions was ‘when was it built’. Past Simple passive! Clue! I’m not hundred percent sure I would have thought about it to be honest but the questions gave it away! Finally, if you’re finding it too hard to figure out the language features needed, you can always try to ‘complete’ the task yourself. What language did you use, phrases, cohesive devices, grammar and so on? But be wary, the features have to match the students’ level. If the task comes from a B1 book then your features need to be B1 features.

The redemption

Overall, I am starting to like DELTA. The first week was daunting, I had already been planning resitting it in December but now I feel somewhat more empowered. I feel more focused to the goal while making sure I stay faithful to my studying routine. Nothing crazy, just three to four hours every third day 🙂

Hope those of you who’ve started with me, are keeping up with all the stress that those huge books emit (while glancing at a pile of book at the corner of my room on which the name Scott can be clearly seen. I’m one step before starting dreaming of him! Strange time)
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