Introduce Present Simple using your own life as an example!

Hi all! Hope you’re doing well and managing in these tough times.

Another beginning of the year, another Present Simple lesson. I’ve been there quite a few times and I always try to find a new way to introduce it. Last year, for the first time I taught students on intensive courses so I would see the students every day for 3 hours. By the time the Present Simple came up, my students hardly knew me, so I came up with this idea…



I woke up one morning and I started taking pictures of everything I did. Getting out of bed, preparing breakfast, brushing my teeth, putting my shoes on, going to work etc.

The students were so into it. They were delighted to see me in my own space!

I started by eliciting the items in the pictures. Some of the words that we found were: a bedside table, bed frame, kettle, toaster, and so on.

Then I would elicit the actions:

  • wake up
  • prepare breakfast
  • brush my teeth etc.

Controlled Practise

After we are done with all the pictures, I would have students retell my routine by taking the role of teacher Anthony in turns!

  • Student 1: ‘Hi all! I’m Anthony and everyday I wake up at 7:00.
  • Student 2: I prepare breakfast at 7:30
  • Student 3: …
This whole classroom activity can be really fun and get your students giggling a bit, especially if you have some really brave ones who are trying to imitate you!
After than you can continue with a few exercises to consolidate the language and your free practise ultimately.
Finally, you can always make use of the same activity if you’re teaching the third person singular! Anthony wakes up at…
Hope you’ll try this lead-in activity and if you do let me know how it went in the comments below!
See you and take care 🙂


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