ELT Flashcards for online and f2f lessons

The story starts with an interview I had the other day with a Chinese online school.

In order to be considered for the position, I had to use flashcards, realia etc. in the mock class, otherwise I would not be offered the job! Long story short I had none, mainly because I never had to buy an ELT book. My school would always provide them and also I’ve been teaching in a few different countries, so travelling around with a few packs of flashcards hasn’t been a choice (Flaschards and teaching are important but my rollerblades are equally important!)

So I thought I should make my own! 😀

I made five different sets of flashcards. They can be printed or used online depending on your preference. Having said that, I haven’t printed them so I am not quite sure of the printed quality but they should look fine 🙂

I hope you find them useful and save you some time from making them from scratch!

Have a lovely week.



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