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I was recently employed by a school in Greece to coordinate a project revolving around Edublogs. Students have their own blogs which are used as portfolios and Edublogs was chosen as the platform for these portfolios.

After spending some hundred hours preparing material, writing guides and troubleshooting, I can confidently put in my two pence worth.


Edublogs is a platform that lets you create free blogs for your students. What sets it apart from other blogging services, is that it has LMS features. You can create a class with its own blog and assign different student blogs to that class. Here you can see my class feature the way it looks on the platform. You can see how to create a class in more detail in my edublogs tutorial video


It’s free. There are features that are locked behind a subscription, but in all honesty, if you’re looking for something to use with one or two groups you don’t need to look beyond the free version.

The activities

Some of the things that we’ve been doing with our students are:
  • My most favourite is a reflection task which they upload every two weeks and I hope that by the end of the year it will prove to them how much they’ve improved.
  • Uploading all sorts of creative projects. Like podcasts, recording themselves reading books, uploading presentations or even creating videos of themselves presenting, writing reviews and so on.

My thoughts

As I said to one of my classes when I was giving some very positive feedback on their work,
We are nurturing a generation of producers who use the tools they have at their disposal. Part of our job is to introduce them to those tools, and honestly, I can’t hide how proud I am to be part of their work.” 

That’s all for now! Hope I managed to convey my excitement about edublogs, and if I did let me know if you create a class so that we could share more ideas!

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