Civilization 6 – Surviving the first 20 Minutes

If you’ve been following me here or on social media you must have realised already that I am somewhat addicted to video games. I’ve been like this since childhood (not sure whether this is good but anyway :D) When I realised that video games and language learning are linked I found myself spending hours researching games in education which later led to my dissertation on the affordances of language learning in MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer online role-playing games)

Games for Language Gamers

Since then, I had been thinking of writing lesson plans for video games but unfortunately, I never had the time or an idea for the flow of the lesson. Long story short, I got it last week, and after a week of working on it, I can now share my Civilisation 6 – Surviving the first twenty minutes lesson plan! Needless to say that I’ve got hooked to the game again…

Like in most of my lesson plans the main focus is for the students to get exposed to a range of vocabulary; practise using it through some controlled-exercises followed by freer speaking practise. This time I created seperate files for the student’s worksheet and teacher’s notes. I hope this will make your planning easier.

The lesson can be used with different levels, but I would generally suggest using it with B1-B2 students. Here are some more general notes:

Age: Teenagers/Adults
Level: B1 – C1
Time: 2 hours over two lessons


  • To develop the students’ speaking skills
  • To develop the students’ vocabulary to deal with the game’s lexis
  • To develop the students’ ability to give reasons
  • To develop the students’ knowledge of the game mechanics
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From teaching 3 year-olds during my first year teaching to the point where I was teaching military officers for the Greek Army. My teaching career has been a rollercoaster of different non-sensical experiences. Lucky to have worked in a few amazing schools such as ih London, Aberdeen & Lacunza. If you want to talk about technology & video games in education I'm your man :)


  1. My son is fond of games I’ll check them out with him and let you know! Thanks a lot!! If there’s something I can help you , don’t hesitate to contact me

  2. Thanks for the quick fix Anthony! It is working now. I will try the lesson in the coming week. many thanks for posting it. It will help tap into student interest in video games, considering I am not a gamer at all!


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