An ‘Among Us’ Speaking lesson plan

With some many people playing 'Among Us', I decided to have a look at the game.

I was so happy to see how important communication is in this game. And if there's communication, there are also affordances for language learning.

In this functional language 60-minute lesson, which is based on the popular video game ‘Among Us’, the students will learn how to express their opinion. By the end of the lesson, they will have the language to effectively participate in the game’s argumentative meetings. They will work together to reconstruct a dialogue and then construct an original one. They will give peer-feedback and finally play the game while focusing on using the target language.

Age: Teenagers/Adults
Level: B1 – C1
Time: 60 minutes

  • To develop the students’ conversation skills
  • To develop the students’ ability to express an opinion using a variety of phrases
  • To develop the students’ vocabulary with new phrases to agree and disagree
  • To develop the students’ reasoning skills
An 'Among Us' ELT lesson plan
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