From being bullied for being a non-native English teacher to creating my YouTube channel and reaching 500+ subscribers, my teaching career has been a rollercoaster of love for teaching and learning. I have been lucky to have worked for a few excellent International House schools including ih Aberdeen, London, Lacunza & Moscow. Ignorance is bliss, so I guess that’s why I went on to do teacher training seminars during my first year of teaching! 6 years later, I’ve done some sort of teacher training for every school I’ve worked for and the one thing I can say for sure is that if you love a particular area within the ELT, share your passion!

Anthony Antonopoulos

My timeline


Teaching Online


ih Aberdeen, in a flat with my pet llama, Scotland

Being in Scotland meant that the lockdown came a bit later and so we were priviliged enough to receive lots of training before we finally moved online. That doesn’t mean that online teaching didn’t come with its challenged but it did make the whole experience a lot easier and enjoyable. And so we’re still going stong!

Summer of 2018 & 2019

Working on a project about the environment


 ih London, Oxford & Moulton

I realised that students coming to summer camps often find it difficult to follow a lesson in English for three hours. Normally, the term settler is used to describe activities for younger learners. Even though I was dealing with older students, they appreaciated the quiet time to create their own vocabulary cards on post-it notes!


Silent Movies


ih Lacunza, Beasain, Spain

Practising the Past Perfect Simple tenses with my Upper-Int students in ih Lacunza. This is an activity I created when I was having a hard time explaining them the concept of the ‘past past’! Needless to say the loved it, I loved it, and it seems like the got it by the end!


Teaching vocabulary using flashcards


ih Lacunza, Beasain, Spain

In ih Lacunza, I taught a variety of levels and students but these little ones were the highlight of my week. First class of the week on Monday, it surely gets you going for the rest of the week.


Singing the Grufallo song with a bunch of 4-year old students of the C.E.I.P Jose Luis Hidalgo


CEIP Jose Luis Hidalgo, Torrelavega, Spain

This was my first year teaching after I completed my MA in ELT. I learned the hard way how to manage a classroom and if it wasn’t for my amazing colleagues showing me the ropes, I think I would have ended with the guitar crushed in my head.

My professional achievements

Conferences I presented

In the presentation we explored different ways of flipping our classes by showcasing practical ideas using graded news articles, vocaroo and other tools to prepare learners for a lesson where the high order thinking skills will be the epicentre.

Appearances in Publications