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We aim to improve every teacher’s life, by reducing their workload without them sacrificing their teaching goals.

In a world full of underappreciated teachers, we share ideas & lesson plans for free.

‘Tomorrow you’re teaching online’

… is a phrase many of us heard in March 2020, having had no experience.

It has always been this way. Before it was IWBs, which teachers had to learn how to use without any training. Expecting an immediate positive response to all these overnight changes from every teacher is entirely unrealistic.



“I was fortunate enough to have experience with, and passion for, technology that helped me to roll with these rapid changes. I created Level Up Your Teaching to help others learn to apply technology to the classroom and develop as teachers. In this I am joined by a team of young TEFL teachers who have come together to share their expertise with the world.”

Anthony Antonopoulos

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